About us.

The Focus Taekwondo Team

Focus Taekwondo was created on 2nd April 2016 by Chris Cocker, Chris gained his degree in 2015 in sports coaching from Leeds Beckett University and had been working full time in a full time Taekwondo Centre.

His love for coaching and Taekwondo was why he decided to set his own club with his own ideas, a club that everyone feels apart of and has a fun friendly environment with excellent standard of Taekwondo.

Once Focus Taekwondo was started students from old and new came straight through the door, Terri and Byron both related to Chris immediately took on roles with the assisting of coaching. A couple of months later and Stephen the most senior grade in Focus Taekwondo decided to join his brother and change his club name to the Focus brand. Stephen has had his club in Elland for 9 years and also shares the same values as Chris so it made a logical and perfect move. Both venue work well together and have built a very good friendships amongst the students.

Although setting up Focus Taekwondo was a life long dream Chris has big plans for the future and is working towards getting a full time venue when the time is right, a place where students can train 7 days a week at a respectable price with high quality coaching. The club have been working hard building a very respected and successful fight team in the early years of the clubs development, and once a full time venue is running the team can start to develop the next Olympic stars.

Our Taekwondo coaching teams currently work out of venues in the Halifax region.