Brooksbank Centre.

This Venue is at the Brooksbank School in Elland and the club is run by Stephen Cocker, a 4th Dan Black Belt with 17 years experience in the sport and Focus Taekwondo’s Chief Examiner and a registered British Taekwondo Kup Grade examiner.

Although Focus Taekwondo has only been formed since April 2016, Stephen has been instructing a good level of Taekwondo at Brooksbank since 16th March 2008. During this time the centre has gained numerous Black belts and gained a wide variety of grades and ages within the club.

We pride ourselves as having a Family Friendly approach and this is one of the main reasons many of the students train with parents or siblings.

Stephen specialises in the technical aspects of Taekwondo as well as self defence.

Brooksbank is in the process of developing a Sport Taekwondo fight team and at the end of 2016 we took our largest ever team on the competition circuit, most of which were 1st time competitors. We aim to continue this development and continue attending bigger competitions and start to develop national champions.

All the classes at Brooksbank are of mixed ability and ages. We feel as though younger students gain more from training in classes where they have older students to inspire them and bring the best out of their training.