Beginners thrive at first competition!

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Focus Taekwondo took 8 students to the Horizon 1 on 1 match day competition, a competition aimed at beginners! Both the Mixenden and Brooksbank venues had students giving it ago. From the Mixenden venue, Lewis, Ellison, Jorja, Tom and Karen, and from the Brooksbank venue we had Ben, Raymond and Rachel.

This was the last chance this year for the beginners to give competition a go, we had a total of 3 students Rachel, Ellison and Jorja who had never competed before. Then we had 4 Students who have only competed in the 1-5 bracket, Ben, Karen, Tom and Raymond, and then the only experienced fighter was Lewis. The competition was held at Richard Dunn Sport Centre in Bradford and was a hugely well attended event with just short of 500 competitors!

First up for Focus Taekwondo was Rachel Hanks, this was a very special moment for Rachel and for Focus Taekwondo as Rachel is the clubs only Blind participant! This does not stop Rachel if anything only makes her stronger and she is a huge inspiration. Rachel decided to give the competition a go to the full competition able body rules, and competed against a competitor a few years older and taller than herself. Rachel had a fantastic match scoring points on her opponent and even had her backing off for most of the fight. Needless to say she got a huge applause at the end of the match and can not wait for the next one.


Next up was another first timer to the ring Ellison-Boo Oxley, Ellison has only been training around 1 and half years and has only been doing fight training around 6months. Ellison took to the sparring really well not shying away from her opponent and hit her with some good body shots which also scored! As far as first time matches go this was not a bad first performance at all and showed a lot of great qualities needed to be a successful fighter. Ellison has a great attitude to training and with the experience gained by this competition she will improve massively.

The third competitor was again another first timer, one of Focus Teakwondo first brand new students Jorja Westley. Jorja also hasn’t been doing the competition training long either just like Ellison. Jorja was matched with a girl that had been doing Taekwondo longer than her and was also very aggressive. This didn’t put Jorja off and she stood there and gave it back as good as she got it. Jorja scored some good body shots and also scored a great counter hook kick to her opponents face. Jorja showed a lot of promise in the ring and showed how much she has improved, another great first time performance!

Raymond Hanks and Ben Samson was on at a very similar time both of which was doing the competition for the second time!

Raymond came up against a more advanced (Black Belt) opponent who could control the distance a lot more, this was also Raymonds first ever time on the advanced scoring system (The electronics, PSS System). Raymond did manage to score points on this system which is a big positive and he also kept the score really close, this is a performance Raymond will learn a lot from for future competitions!

Ben on at a similar time to Raymond on the other side of the arena, was matched up with another black belt but someone with extremely good attacking leg control. Luckily for Ben the electronic head guard he was wearing was not working in the first round and Ben had been caught with a lot of Head shots! The problem was solved and the match was started again! After speaking with his coach (Chris) a game plan was given to not attack his opponent too much as this is when Ben was getting caught, instead Ben waited for his opponent to start the first phase of his Leg Control attack and then counter act it with his own leg meaning his opponent couldn’t get his attack into momentum! This worked very well for 2 rounds as his opponent couldn’t score which was a huge improvement on the start of the match! Ben ended up just falling short but a very mature and experienced performance for someone who has only had 1 previous match!

Tom was next up, Tom has only had 1 previous match to this and was against a more experienced black belt! Tom put in a fantastic performance and a much improved performance, using the jab to full affect stopping his opponent in his tracks. Another great addition to Toms performance was his use of punching which he managed to score points with. Tom also listened to his coach really well and tried everything he was told to try. Another great performance!

Finally we had Lewis the most experienced competitor, Lewis was unfortunate not to be given a match so at the very end of the competition a match was arranged with an old rival from Ultimate Taekwondo. His opponent is one of the categories best fighters. Lewis was a little worried taking the match at such short notice but gave the boy a great match! Lewis has started to overcome a lot of his own self doubts recently and looked a real threat in the match! The match highlighted a key area which can now be worked on before his next companion on the 19th November! Straight after the match Lewis was asked to fight another boy who hadn’t been given a match, it was the boys first ever time so naturally Lewis was a lot more experienced and was also taller and older! Lewis took the match and for a 9 year old showed great sportsmanship and control not to hurt his less experienced opponent!

Finally Focus Teakwondo had one more competitor who competed earlier on in the day Karen, Karen was matched up massively unfairly with a girl over half her age who had been put in as a novice which was very clear to be a lie! Karen still got in the ring and gave it a very good go not backing off but the girls ability and youth was just too much! A fine effort nevertheless!


Chris head coach and founder of Focus Taekwondo said “I couldn’t be prouder of the team today, some clubs in all sports place too much emphasis on winning and losing when at this level it is completely irrelevant! The whole team was brilliant and gave 100% which is all you can ask for, if they continue to do that and continue to train hard results will always come. I am very proud of the club and the members we have 2018 will be a great year!

Finally a massive thank you to Coach Terri for helping with the coaching and organising of the fighters! and a massive thank you to all the parents and family friends that came to support and stayed until the very end! We are lucky to have a very good friendship and atmosphere within the club and members!”

This weekend Sunday 19th November Focus Teakwondo will end the year with the last competition, a higher standard competition for the more advanced students. The Quest International Festival, where we have Mason and Lewis ending the year!

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