Brooksbank Assistant Coach Fiona Promoted to Second Dan

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On Saturday 13th May Focus Taekwondo Brooksbank Assistant Coach Fiona Cocker was promoted to Second Dan Black belt at the Warrior Factory Dan Promotion test in Leeds.

Fiona was preparing attend the British Dan Promotion test in Nottingham at the beginning of April, But due to an injury she had on her wrist she had to postpone her training for the Dan Promotion. Fiona was Given the opportunity to do her Dan promotion test with The Warrior Factory and Premier Taekwondo in Leeds, Just over a month later. Allowing sufficient recovery from her injuryThe Dan Promotion Test was Conducted By British Taekwondo Chief examiner and MATT instructor Grand Master Lennox, As well as Master Phillip Payne and Master Mosy. Fiona Had been training Hard leading up to the Grading, Training in as many sessions as she could and as well as training in her free time in open mat sessions. Fiona felt well prepared for the Examination.

During the Examination Fiona had to Demonstrate a series of Patterns- Poomsae. as well as 1-1 kicking, step sparring, self defence, sports sparring and Destruction. During the Test Fiona Performed all the required elements with no obvious mistakes. Her self defence showed conviction as well as control and was effective. Then Fiona had to finish with a Two directional Board Break, She chose to break with a Front Kick and Round Elbow. On the First attempt Fiona Broke the board with the Front Kick but Miss hit the Following Elbow. She was advised to reposition the second board. She then reattempted both breaks, this time Breaking Both with a strong fluid motion. After this Fiona Had to wait for the results and presentation of belts and Certificates. Where she was successful and gained her new Grade.

Fiona is the Oldest Student To Train within Focus Taekwondo, And was the First Student to Start training with Stephen Cocker at Brooksbank 9 years ago. Fiona once said that she would have been happy to just get passed the First belt. During her time training Fiona has Over come many personal obstacles, competed in competitions, Gained her Black belt and become a Valuable Assistant Coach who is motivated and respected by all the members of the Club. Just goes to show that with hard work and Perseverance you will soon reach your goals and will be setting new ones.


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