Focus Taekwondo Brooksbank smashes it at the British Taekwondo Dan Grading

British Taekwondo Dan Grading

Six Students – Charlotte, Ben, Lyndon, Jessica, Kasia, Bethany from Focus Taekwondo at Brooksbank, attended the British Taekwondo Dan Grading promotion at Nottingham Trent University, on Saturday 1st April 2017.

All the students had been putting in extra training and pushing hard in the months leading up to the British Taekwondo Dan Grading. On the day, the students were ready, but understandably nervous for their upcoming examination. First up they attended the pre-grading seminar conducted by the British Taekwondo MATT Team which went through all the elements of Dan Grading and put the students at ease.

Poomsae Section

Once the Grading began, the students started with the Poomsae Section all the five 1st candidates – Jessica, Bethany, Ben, Kasia and Lyndon, performed three patterns each. Each student performed well making sure they had good power, timing, accuracy and technique during the 3 Poomsae. Each made no obvious mistakes during this section.

Then it was the Turn of our 2nd Dan candidate – Charlotte. This time she had to demonstrate five random Poomsae, again, making no mistakes and showing good Taekwondo spirit and technique.

Next was the sparring and self defence section and once again all the students performed well in this area showing a variety of good techniques; power and control without hesitation. Although this section highlighted some small areas of improvement within the younger members, everyone did well.

After this section came the destruction section where candidates above 16 years of age break boards and under 16 years strike a solid foam board.

Four of the candidates under 16 years demonstrated the Side Kick, striking the board with good power and accuracy. Next Lyndon had to break the solid board with a Side kick; showing good power and accuracy broke through his board on the 1st attempt.

Charlotte had to demonstrate a hand and foot technique, she chose an Elbow Strike and the Side Kick. Again, showing good power and technique smashed through the boards on the 1st attempts.

All the Candidates did amazing on the day and were successfully promoted to their next belts, doing themselves and the club proud.

Brooksbank’s British Taekwondo Dan Grading results are:-

  • 1st Poom – Kasia Rhodes, Jessica Ambler, Ben Samson, Bethany Ambler
  • 1st Dan – Lyndon Ambler
  • 2nd Dan – Charlotte Gledhill.
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