Byron in with a ‘Fighting Chance’

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On Saturday 29th July Assistant Coach Byron Travelled down to Manchester where the Olympic National Taekwondo Centre in based. Byron was accepted into the first stage of the junior Fighting Chance program where he had to have private competitive match against another opponent who was also bidding for the a place in stage 2! 

Byron was the 4th match on so had to prepare fairly quick and drew a very strong WTF Taekwondo club Gurumu Taekwondo from London who are also a GB Talent club! Byron started strong and took an early lead, one he never dropped finally winning the contest 12-5.Head coach Chris who also travelled with Byron couldn’t see the match as the athletes had to ‘Fight’ privately in front of a panel of judges. This was a very daunting experience even for high level athletes in front of a panel of huge names in GB Taekwondo, Gary Hall Performance Director and Sarah Stevenson (2008 Olympic Bronze medalist) and a host of other big names! Chris Couldn’t see the action but could see the score board and hear the action which made for a very tense 6 minutes! 

Byron took an early lead but both athletes kept giving away warning points which kept the score line close, mid way through the match and Byron stopped giving warnings away and scored more points of his own which built him a little lead, finally winning 12-5. 

The fighting Chance is a program designed to give other martial art practitioners a chance to gain enter into the Full time Olympic GB program but is also open to WTF Teakwondo practitioners. The program has seen to be successful gaining World and Olympic medals! Earlier this year Focus Taekwondo had their first student gain entry to the full time academy through the fighting chance and has since represented GBR in the Austrian Open and soon to be attending the Polish Open. 

This time around is a similar program but aimed at 13-18 year olds, unlike the previous fighting chance program the successful candidates that go through all 3 stages won’t be thrown straight into full time training. The successful athletes will be on the Junior GB Program with the fighting chance and will train for 1 full weekend once a month, once a certain level is reached and a minimum age is reached then athletes will gain entry into the full time program.

Regardless of how far Byron goes through this program he has given a fantastic account of himself and can be very proud. Given the opportunity to progress further we all know he could do very well as he showed in his match but now it is up to the judges! He will find out in 4 weeks time.

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