Focus Star Terri Lumb hits career highs at Dutch and Belgium Open

Terri Lumb Taekwondo Competition

In March, fight coach, Terri went to the Dutch up G1 classification tournament, attended by Olympic and World Champions!

These tournaments are full of national team members who train full time and get paid to be a full time. Taekwondo Competition athlete, Terri works full time and fits her training in and around that; she also has to fund herself to compete at this level which isn’t cheap at around £400 a time! So these events are a big ask for part time fighters.

At the Dutch open Terri, for the first time ever, reached the Quarter finals which is a massive achievement. She beat 2 National team members to get there! 

In her first match she won a tight exciting match winning 14-13, she went into the last 16 where she won on the golden point round taking the score to 14-12! In reaching the last 8 she drew the toughest draw getting the world number 7 and 2 time Olympian AZE. Terri put up an amazing performance going in after the first round with the score 0-0. Unfortunately the world number 7’s experience just paid off and took the victory, but Terri looked more than a match!

She also 1 week later attend the Belgium open Taekwondo Competition again a G1 status!

1 week after, with some serious injuries and doctor’s advice not to compete, Terri took to the Belgium Open where she once again reached the Quarter Final having 2 more matches. In her first match she drew the ranked 9th seed and GClass medalist Poland! A very difficult first draw when injured, but Terri performed brilliantly and won the match again on golden point 15-14. Sadly, getting into the last 8 was too much on her body so she then had to withdraw due to injury.

This is a massive step forward for Terri as she has only ever won 1 match at this level. To get to the last 8, two weekends in a row with injuries, just shows she is a world class athlete and will be pushing for the major championships over the next year! 

Terri is currently recovering and then will be taking to a new training schedule which will see her training twice a day somedays and new training techniques like strength and conditioning! 

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