Focus Taekwondo Summer Camp

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Focus Teakwondo held their first ever summer camp on the 31st July – 4th August 2017. A total of 14 children from the ages of 4-11 years old took part in the camp which was a huge success.

The summer camp was run from Monday 31st July – Friday the 4th August from 9am – 3pm, with activities such as Taekwondo, Little Kickers, Games, Face Painting, Paper Mache, Paining and Arts and Crafts as well as a visit from Halifax West Yorkshire Police for a show and tell the camp was a great success. 

Chris chief instructor of Focus Taekwondo has run Taekwondo summer camps in the past which have always been great fun and very successful, but with Focus Teakwondo only been open 14 months this was a first for the club. For the first ever camp 14 children was a great turn out and all the children said they loved it and asked when the next camp would be. Throughout the day in the camp there was 3-4 martial art sessions, fun game based exercises, a gymnastics session, Arts and crafts, face painting and even a visit from West Yorkshire police. A huge thank you to the volunteers that helped make the camp possibly though Byron, Laura, Charlotte and Kat all members of Focus Teakwondo.

The camp was based in the Mixenden centre but we had support from Charlotte and Kat who both train at the Brooksbank venue, we also had Niama attend 2 days of the camp who also trains at the Brooksbank venue.

Chris is considering hosting another camp in October for Halloween not a full week but 3 days with a halloween party too, but one thing is for sure next year there will be 100% another summer camp!

Chris said ‘I was very impressed with the behaviour of the children having two different age groups in the camp Little Kickers (4-6 years old) and the Teakwondo (7-11 year old), there could have easily have been some falling out! however the children got on very well and the older children even helped the younger ones in the martial art sessions and socialised well with them. This just goes to show the kind of friendly atmosphere we have here and such great students!’

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