Green Hill Landscaping Help with new equipment.

New kicking pads.

Green Hill Landscaping very kindly offered to to help Focus Taekwondo replace some of the old and worn equipment with a very generous club donation!

4 new red kicking paddles, 2 new kicking shields and 2 Break boards! A beginners break board (Yellow) and an intermediate break board (Blue).

Focus Tekwondo has been running for just over a year now and with the kicking pads taking quite a beating in that time a lot of the pads was very worn and some even broken! To replace the equipment isn’t cheap, fortunately a very kind club donation from Green Hill Landscaping provided Focus Taekwondo with the funds to be able to replace the worn equipment and even add some some extra equipment like 2 new break boards. Break boards enable students to practice their technique, power and accuracy! once broken they then fit back together for reusable purpose.

Been able to add more kick pads to our collection as well as replacing the old ones is great, as we get more students coming to train we now have more pads to go around.

We will be looking to get more new equipment in the future such as, Small body armour protectors, some little kickers agility and games based equipment and more pads!

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  1. Chris Cocker
    Chris Cocker says:

    Massive thank you to Karen and Green Hill Landscaping for helping us with the new equipment. The new break boards have gone down great with the kids!


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