Hard work pays off at the Dome open

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On Sunday the 11th June Focus Taekwondo took a team of 4 to the Doncaster Dome Open hosted by All Stars Taekwondo. From the 4 competitors the team managed 2 gold medals and 2 bronze medals!

Chris, Byron, Mason and Lewis all competed and everyone put in good performances with a lot of positives to take back to training to work on. The day defiantly belonged to Mason though securing his first win in a while! 

Mason (age 11) has recently just moved into a higher weight group and moved into the higher age group now meaning he can face anyone from 11 up to just below 14! which is a massive difference at such an age! Mason has been working incredibly hard and has a great training attitude he has even been putting in work outside of training hours doing some 1 on 1 training with Chris! Mason got a straight final in the -33kg category and was facing another black belt but this time of a similar age and height, Mason was very strong and all the current training goals worked perfectly. His opponent struggled to get close to him which lead to Mason picking up points, the final score was 7-0. Although it is nice to win, the more pleasing thing was the defence and front leg work to keep his opponent away something which has been worked on a lot so to not give away any points was a great improvement! Mason has a lot of growing room in his age and weight group and is showing a lot of potential as a fighter, it is difficult moving up the age groups as the older children have more experience and tend to be bigger and stronger, but this was a great example of what hard work can do.

The next of the Gold medals came from Chris, getting a a straight semi final draw against the club hosts, Chris had to win 2 fight to gain his gold. Chris won his first match 41-4 his opponent was a lot younger and was just moving into the senior category (as stated earlier is difficult). Scoring some good head shots and spinning kicks Chris gained a very good lead and eventually winning due to exceeding the 20 point gap by the end of the second round. After a good rest and coaching the other players Chris then took to the final to face Premire Taekwondo from Huddersfield a club we know very well, the opponent was less experienced but gave a good battle for 2 rounds keeping the score line close. The third and last round Chris started to feel more comfortable and again started scoring some good head shots and spinning kicks the final score 31-8.

The first of the Bronze medals came from Lewis Cocker facing a boy he drew to only a few weeks ago at the Yorkshire Championships, again the match was close and well contested but Lewis just fell short. Although Lewis didn’t beat his opponent he performed well and showed he can compete against the best children in his division and has the potential to be right at the top of his division!

The final Bronze medal came from Byron, Byron has been on an excellent run of form recently not losing a match since last September also claiming the title of Yorkshire Champion only a few weeks back. Unfortunately this competition just wasn’t his day, he came up against a competitor unknown to us and turned out to be very strong and quick which took us by surprise! Byron did perform very well avoiding a lot of head shot and taking the fight to him at time trading some very good strong shots! Coming into the second round Byron felt dizzy and not very well but decided he wanted to keep going, coming into the 3rd the dizziness got worse so the match was then stopped by coach Chris. Byron was fine after the match he may of just been dehydrated or tired with the stress of GSCE non the less the effort he put into the match was pleasing. His opponent went on to dominate the final and take the gold. We now look forward to meeting him again and having another great match.


Chris said ‘When you compete on such a regular basis it is always difficult to win every tournament however which is why we always focus on the performance of the athlete, although not all the fighters would have got the colour medal they would have wanted the performances was good and we have taken a lot away from the matches to learn from, which ultimately is the most important thing if you keep improving and working hard you will eventually get to where you want to be! Every now and again an athlete just has ‘their’ day and on this occasion it was Mason all his hard work finally came through at this competition and he finally got a well deserved win and we couldn’t be prouder’.


The team will continue training and Chris will analyse all the matches to put together ares to improve on, where we will try and apply these at the next tournament which will probably be the Scorpion Open!

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