National Championship Success

On the 27th and 28th October 2018 Focus Taekwondo participated in the British Championships, taking a team of 10 athletes over the 2 days.

Focus Taekwondo gained 4 new National medalist, Humairah (Gold), Coby (Silver), Laura (Bronze) and Terri (Bronze).

We can not forget the rest of the team that was apart of the success, Reuben, Ellison, Chris, Lewis, Muhammed and Haleemah. The tournament was spread over 2 days Saturday for the Novice athletes and Sunday was the Advance athletes time to shine.

The tournament was held in Sheffield at the English Institute of sport with over 700 competitors some of which was Team GB members from the Olympic academy.


The team had been working extremely hard in the run up to the championships adding extra session and attending other clubs for more variety in training techniques and partners.

Before taking to the mats the athletes had to make weight which was held on the Friday due to the athletes dedication and hard work making weight was not a problem.

The first day was for the Novice competitors most of which had never taken part in such an event.

First to the mats was Ellison competition in the novice child -40kg category, Ellison has only been competing since February 2018 and has done amazing to get her self into the national team. Unfortunately for Ellison she drew the eventual winner of the category, a much more experienced fighter which on this occasion was just too much meaning she bowed out in the Quarter final. Regardless of the result the experienced gained was huge and will help in her development.

Next up in the -40kg novice child was Reuben making it his second national championships but first under Focus Taekwondo. Reuben got drawn against an opponent he has previously beaten in the tournament before, it is always a close match between the 2. The match started well again been a close encounter with the two competitors but in the end Reuben just fell short going out in the Quarter Finals. Reuben has showed great improvement this year and we fully expect this development to continue.

The third athlete of the day was Humairah, only been with Focus Taekwondo 6 weeks with only 1 previous match behind her. This didn’t stop the very talented young girl winning her first match by 40 points! This victory put Humairah into the Semi Final against a much better opponent, after the first round Humairah found herself behind by 10 points a position she has never found herself in before. Humairah came back out very aggressive with some amazing head shots bringing the score level, this left the last round very tight and tense but Humairah came out ontop taking her into the final! The final looked to be a tough match as her opponent had eased her way there beating all her other opponents comfortably. However Humairah was the one that settled straight away and took control instantly, she proved to be too good and too strong beating her opponent by a 20 point. This gave Focus Taekwondo their first medal and made Humairah the British National Champion for the -29kg novice child category.

Last to take to the mats on Saturday was Laura, Laura again very inexperienced only having 3 previous matches has performed brilliantly in the past few months. Laura was unlucky to draw the Welsh National team member who also won two golds at the championships winning junior and senior divisions. Laura performed well against her much more experienced opponent she held her own and scored points but the Welsh champion was just too strong on the day but gained a lot of positive experience going forward! Laura  took Bronze in the -57kg novice senior division.

Day 1 ends with 1 Gold medal but plenty of positive performances.


Day 2 begins with Lewis, Lewis drew an old rival he has faced a few times now. The contest started very well Lewis scoring a head shot and looking very comfortable, the first round ended 4-4, as the rounds went on his opponent started to grow into the match and eventually started to take a lead with the scoreline. Regardless of the scoreline this was a much more positive performance for Lewis and even came off the mats happy with his performance which is a big thing for Lewis who is often very hard on himself. Lewis opponent went onto claim the silver medal in the -29kg advanced child category.


Next up was Head Coach Chris, Chris a very experienced competitor fighting in his 12 national championships with 5 national medals to his name. Unfortunately Chris didn’t get the result he had hoped for drawing the eventual winner of the -68kg advanced senior devision, a competitor who was much taller which made it very difficult for Chris.

Haleemah was competing at the same time as Chris so coached by Terri, Haleemah has only recently joined Focus was hoping to follow in her sisters success yesterday, unfortunately for Haleemah her opponent was the one going through to the next round, Haleemah has a very bright future ahead of her as she showed a few weeks ago at the NTC open when she forced a stoppage of Israel National team.

Following his sister was Muhammed gain recently joining Focus, Muhammed drew the worst draw possible getting an opponent who has represented GB at the World Championships. Muhammed hasn’t competed since February so the time out of the ring was just to much although scoring some good points his opponent was just too good on the day.


Next up was Coby, Coby was drawn against the Cadet National Team member who will representing GB in the upcoming European championships! Coby against the odds was not put off by the challenge even when he was trailing on points kept digging in and kept the match competitive, his opponent got a few warning for low and illegal kicks and a last minute head kick gave Coby the lead. This lead for a very tense last 10 seconds but Coby managed to keep his cool and take the victory! This big victory put Coby in the final of the +65kg advanced cadet category, Coby came up against a much lighter opponent with more experience and also a Cadet National Team member. Unfortunately on this occasion Coby didn’t get the victory as a lot of his very good shots didn’t score! Coby walks away with the Silver medal making him the National silver medalist, as well as beating the Current European squad member for his weight.


Lastly was Coach Terri, again a very experienced fighter. Terri has over come ACL reconstruction and only returned to fighting in the summer, Terri would normally fight in the -67kg category but due to a very busy schedule of fighting abroad and maintaining her weight and keeping up with her knee rehab she decided to fight in a higher weigh group -73kg. Unfortunately for Terri the stresses of the past 6 months was too much and she bowed out in the quarter final gaining her a Bronze medal.


Coach Chris said ‘I am very proud of every athlete, it is not easy fighting in the British National Championships as it is the best of the best! most of our team this time was beginners to the National circuit, but all did them self proud and gained huge experience. We are building a team for the future and a team to compete with the best clubs in England, this takes times but you have to enjoy the process along the way. We had great support from Focus members and parents which is always great to see’.


Now time for a little rest for most of the National team and we have a local beginners competition on November 11th.

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