Yorkshire Open Preparation with Spear Taekwondo

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On Sunday 14th May 5 members from Focus Taekwondo will compete in the Yorkshire Open Championships! The team had a good preparation day of training at Spear Taekwondo in Huddersfield last weekend.

Next weekend 5 members of Focus Taekwondo will compete in the championships with high hopes of medals, in preparation the team went over to Spear to train with their athletes and was a very good session. 2 new members of the fight team also trained in the children session for their first time training away from Focus, this was great experience for them and will learn a lot in the build up to their first competition. 

Chris, Byron, Mason, Lewis and Natasha will compete in the Yorkshire Championships in Bradford, for some it is the first competition this year and for some the first competition since September! With a lot of competitions coming up very fast this will be a big stepping stone to the rest f the year and Chris (Head coach) is very confident the team can produce 5 medals!

The team trained with good friends Alex and Tim of Spear Taekwondo which was a 3 hour training session, this was used as preparation for our athletes in the upcoming competition. The session had plenty of pad work and sparring situations drills and then a lot of sparring with different people.

As well as the experienced fighters training, new members of the fight team Natahlia and Kaan also trained in the children class both found it difficult but also loved it and can’t wait to go back next time, these sorts of sessions will be great practice for when they enter there first competition.


Another good hard week of training for the tournament!

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